In-Product Help

Use in-product help to clarify a UI, such as what a feature does, or what a specific term means. It should be written for novice users, and easy for expert users to ignore.

Help Text

Use help text to provide a one or two line description of what a feature does, with a link to more information in the Knowledge Base. The link text should clearly explain where it will take users. It will typically take the form, "Learn more about [x] in the Knowledge Base."

Inline help text in the Dimensions dialog.

Help Bubble

Use help bubbles to provide unobtrusive clarifying information. Help bubbles are great for saving space and de-cluttering a layout, but only when the information isn't required to complete a task. For example, experts don't need an explanation of what "Segmentation" is every time they build an audience.

OUI docs for help bubbles

OUI docs for poptips

Inline help bubble in the audience builder.