Illustrations are a powerful way to engage users to perform a desire action in the product. It can represent anything from a use case, an interaction or simplify complex concepts. Illustrations should always be accompanied with a short description.


Illustrations should use a maximum of 4 shades of the brand blue be kept simple and concise. Preserve the stroke at 2px. Save as SVGs.

Illustration style.


Do not expand the stroke of the illustrations. Do not use any colors other than blue.

Whimsical vs Functional

There are two ways to approach illustrations. Whimsical illustrations are an abstract way to display a big concept such as campaigns or audiences.

Whimsical Example

Good example of whimsical illustration.
Good example of second whimsical illustration.

Functional Example

Good example of functional illustration.
Align illustrations with a brief and actionable desctiption. See how illustration can be used for empty states.